Oronocah...Digital Paintings

This special collection is available only through Aug 31, 2017
morning walk  Morning Walk....8x10 Matted to 11x14....$45. A morning walk on through the dunes is a quiet time. Only the tracks of the night critters, birds, lizzards and the occasional rodent witness to ongoing life at the beach.  Pier 724  Pier 724...10x20 metalic print, board mounted....$125. There is a magical time as the sun sets and the evening comes on. The fishermen continue their vigil, waist deep in the waters.  nokomis  Nokomis....11x14 Metalic print, board mounted....$75. When I was a child, my big brother would read to me from The Song of Hiawatha by Longfellow. To this day there is a place in my heart for the "Daughter of the Moon, Nokomis".  the old man and the seagulls  The Old Man and the Seagulls...12 x 18...Metalic Print, board mounted....$125.  Oh to fly as they do; to wheel and dive and have no cares.  We sit and watch them as the dance across the sky. Oh to be young and dance so freely. 
grandmother spider creates the universe  Grandmother Spider creates the Universe.....11x14 textured print matted to 16x20.....$95....A beautiful legend from the Native American people of the Southwest explains how Grandmother Spider wove the universe into existence. The dewdrops on her web became the galaxies above us.  three li'l birds  Three Li'l Birds...8x10 textured print matted to 11x14...$65....How can anyone not be happy watching these little ones wait for momma to bring supper?  wren song  Wren Song...8x8 Metalic Print, board mounted....$65.  I am always amazed at the wrens who build their home among the thorns of the cactus.  sea angel  Sea Angel....11x14 Metalic Print, matted to 16x20...$100.  Can you see her in the mist, rising out of the sea? The Angel who watches the Rip Currents. 
playa de oro  Playa de Oro...12x24 Metalic Print, board mounted...$100. In the early morning the water looks like beaten gold.  at the altar of the sun  At the Altar of the Sun...14x11 matted to 16x20...$110.  One of my favorite songs!  thirsty mock  Thirsty Mock...10x20 board mounted...$100.  She comes each day for a drink from the broken pot in my garden.  psalm 31  Psalm 31...8x10 board mounted...$85. I am forgotten as a dead man, out of mind; I am like a broken vessel. 
curly aloe  Curly Aloe...11x14 Metalic Print matted to 16x20....$110.  This plant has those lovely pink shades and the healing properties of all Aloes...maybe that's why this little guy is hanging out there.