At Anchor  SOLD! At Anchor....20x20 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas....$125.  A calm afternoon yet the boats are all at anchor. The calm before the storm?  Puffy Clouds  Puffy Clouds.................... 30x24 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas....$255. This path reminds Tom of one he used to go through for fishing in the Corpus area.  Morning Flight  Morning Flight..........18x24 Acrylic on Canvas Board......$105.  Dawn comes on seagulls' wings. Their cries brighten the sky.  Desert Dream  Desert Dream.....11x14 Oil on Canvas Board....$75.00...I have often dreamed of visiting the desert lands of Arizona. In my mind I see the rains far off across the mountains; so near and yet so far. 
Storm Runner  Storm Runner........12x12 Acrylic on stretched canvas..........$80.  The Shrimpboats stay out to the very last second. It's a race to port with the gulls as advance guard.  Galveston Dawn  Galveston Dawn.....12x12 Acrylic with the Pallet Knife on stretched canvas.....$80.  This was based on a photo taken by my daughter. Her office overlooks the Galveston beach.  Morning Song  Morning song.....12x12 Acrylic on Canvas....$75.00  I love being the first person on the beach in the morning. The gulls sing a greeting to the day.  Palm View  Palm View....12x24 Acrylic with Pallet Knives on stretched canvas....$100. We lived right outside of a small town called Palmview. We had 23 palm trees on our property and I loved the way they looked as the sun went down. 
Gull Point  Gull Point.....12 x 24 Acrylic on Canvas.....$125.  I recently re-read the book, "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" by Richard Bach. This is how I see "the Breakfast Flock" in my imagination.  There Once Was a River  There Once Was a River......20x24 Acrylic on stretched canvas....$130.  I have never seen a butte or the mesa country but in my mind's eye, it looks like this.  Brookside  Brookside....................22x28 acrylic on Canvas $155.00  As a child I lived on the side of a mountain in western Maryland. A creek ran behind the house with steep walls climbing either side. I spent many afternoons on my stomach feeding bits of stale bread to minnows and crawdads. I love the sound of the water rushing by.  Wyoming Autumn Revisited  SOLD! Wyoming Autumn....24x20 Acrylic on canvas $115.00 This painting is based on a photograph taken by my friend Tanya. It is of Clear Creek outside of Buffalo, Wyoming. It's been a while since I walked in a wood carpeted with autumn leaves but I can still feel the crispness in the air. 
Outer Bands  SOLD! Outer Bands.....11x14 Acrylic on stretched Canvas.....$65.  Once I was called to the beach for a portrait session. There was a storm blowing in from the north and the waves, generally soft and quiet, were roaring their objection to the weather.  Waves  SOLD!  Waves.............................  18x24 Acrylic on Board $105.00  We spent many summers at the relatively calm beaches of South Padre Island. However my mother's heart saw the waves like this each time my husband and daughter went out to play in them.  Three Gulls  Three Gulls....20x16 Acrylic on canvas $120.00   There is something spiritual about being the first one on the beach in the morning. The sound of the gulls off shore is haunting. It rises like a prayer for the blessings of the day.  Storm Surge  Storm Surge.................... 16x20 Acrylic on Board $80.00  How can anything be so peaceful and so violent in the same moment. 
Driftwood Beach  Driftwood Beach.....11x14 Acrylic on canvas....$100.  The first beach portrait that I remember making was of a family sitting on a huge driftwood log. While this log does not look exactly as I remember, it does conjure up the warmth and laughter of that sunrise many years ago.  Harbor Light  Harbor Light....16x20 Oval Acrylic on Canvas   $130.00  As a student I once visited a basalt mine. The immensity of those columns of rock drove home a feeling of insignificance; a wonder at the hand of a God who creates such majesty.  Red Rocks Road  Red Rocks Road.....24x18 Acrylic on board.....Painted Frame...$200.  I was visiting my daughter in Las Vegas. She drove me out to Red Rocks; my first real experience of the desert. There is a beauty there that seems to make eternity visible.  New Mexico  New Mexico.....18x24 Acrylic on board...painted frame.....$255  I have never been to New Mexico. I see it's rugged beauty in my dreams only. Someday, perhaps, I will go there. 
Storm Coming  Storm Coming................  16x20 Acrylic on Board $100.00  When my daughter was very young we lived in Denver for a while. Afternoon drives into the Rocky Mountains were a new experience for me. So different from the rolling forested mountains of Appalachia where I grew up.  Winter Lane  Winter Lane....................16x20 Acrylic on Canvas $80.00  There is a stillness after the first heavy snow; almost as if the whole earth is holding it's breath.  Sarah's Colt  Sarah's Colt...16x20 Oval, Acrylic on stretched Canvas...$245. framed. He seems unsure of himself...but willing to follow his mama.  Snow Day  Snow Day.....12 x 24 Acrylic with oil Pastels on stretched canvas.... $180.  An exercise in white on white, I have enjoyed playing with these four.