Shadow Box Paintings

Introducing my newest line; Shadow Box Paintngs. As a child I loved seeing the elaborate window displays in New York and Baltimore. As I grew older I spent hours looking at the dioramas in museums. These small versions are inspired by those childhood memories. I hope they spark some memories for you.
Shadow Box Pelican's Rest Stop  Pelican's Rest Stop...8x10 Wall Mount Shadowbox...$65.  My daughter and I enjoyed a sunset dinner...the pelicans waited for the leftovers.  There weren't any.  Shadow Box BreakfastTime  Breakfast Time...11x14 Table Top Shadowbox...$95.  Every morning the beach is full of hungry gulls; they reel and cry for their breakfast.  Shadow Box Dawn in the Dunes  Dawn in the Dunes...8x10 Wall Mount Shadowbox...$65.  The gulls are always happy to take possession of a stray log, half buried in the dunes.  Shadow Box Morning Call  SOLD!  Gulls at Dawn...5x7 Wall Mount Shadowbox...$45.  I was walking in the dunes one morning when I saw one lonesome seagull watching the others dive for breakfast down on the beach. 
Shadow Box Red Umbrella  Red Umbrella...5x7 Wall Mount Shadowbox...$45.  The gulls ignore the umbrella but have an eye for any unattended snacks.